Bobbie Hopp Challenge


The 2018 Bobbie Hopp Challenge faced weather challenges again after being postponed from June until September. The second day of matches at the Fremont Golf Club was cancelled, and the Challenge was completed based on the first three matches. Six flight champions were crowned, including: Mary Dickerson and Stephanie Krijan of Omaha (Flight 1), Sarah Nordlund of Elkhorn and Pam Carmines of Omaha (Flight 2), Donna Utecht and Nita Totten of Norfolk (Flight 3), Denise Rogondino and Sharon Hofmann of Omaha (Flight 4), Jeri Rowen and Judy Neemann of Lorton (Flight 5), and Pam Draemel of Elkhorn and Evelyn Perry of Fremont (Flight 6). Visit the Flights tab above for photos of the winners, and to the Scoring tab for full results.





Online Application

Eligibility: Entrant must be an Amateur Golfer with an active USGA Handicap Index® issued by a “member club” of the Nebraska Golf Association. Entrant must also be a member of NWAGA and a “resident” of Nebraska (See NWAGA Residency Criteria below).

NWAGA Residency Criteria:  An individual is considered to be a resident of Nebraska if they:

  1. Maintain either a primary or a secondary residence in Nebraska, or
  2. Are an active duty member of the United States Military stationed in Nebraska, or
  3. Are a student physically attending college in Nebraska within a time period four-months prior to the event, or
  4. Are a graduate of a Nebraska high school attending an out-of-state college.


If the above criteria are in question, the NWAGA Tournament Committee shall render any final decision.

Amateur Status: All players must conform to the USGA Rules of Amateur Status as specified in the USGA Rules of Golf.

Field Size: Field is limited to 36 sides (two players). Partners may be from different clubs.

Original Tournament Withdrawals: Sides entered in the original tournament have until July 31 to withdraw. If you withdraw, the refund will be $160/team, after July 31, there will not be any refunds for withdrawals.

Entry Fee: Secondary entry fee of $190 must be paid by every team. Entry fee will be refunded regardless of reason if NWAGA is notified (402-505-4653, x103) before the close of entries. After the close of entries, fee will be refunded in the event of injury or illness, if requested no later than September 23. No refund for any reason after September 23. A $50 service charge will be deducted from all team refunds.

Entry includes five 9-hole Four-Ball matches; cart; use of the practice facility; prizes; and Tuesday awards luncheon.

Secondary Entry Period: NWAGA only accepts online applications. Secondary entries open at 8 a.m. C.D.T. on Wednesday, August 1, 2018. Entries must be received by NWAGA no later than 5 p.m. C.D.T. on Friday, September 14, 2018. Late applications are not acceptable and will be automatically rejected. (Entries by telephone, e-mail, or FAX not acceptable.) Time limit for entries means time of receipt at NWAGA (not time entry is sent or transmitted to NWAGA). Entries should be submitted early to allow ample time for delay or error in transmission. The risk of delay or error in transmission lies solely with the entrant and NWAGA will have no liability with respect to any such delay or error and the consequences therefrom, including rejection of the entry.

Practice Rounds: Available at a time convenient to Fremont Golf Club (402-721-6642). Fee is $40+tax per player (including cart).

Holiday Inn Express - (402) 753-3850, rate of 102.95 a night. Reference NWAGA.

Starting Times: See Format Tab

Contact: NWAGA office: (402) 505-4653



The Original Player Memo is below, it will be updated following the secondary entry deadline, September 14.

Player Memorandum - 2018 Bobbie Hopp Challenge

Notice to Players - Fremont Golf Club (Draft)

NWAGA 2018 Local Rules and Conditions of Competition

HistoryThe NWAGA Challenge began in 2008. The challenge consisted of five 9-hole rounds in four-ball match play format. The Challenge has been extremely popular since its inception and has offered NWAGA members an alternative to the Match Play Championship.In 2014 the event became a stand alone event and the "NWAGA Challenge" was renamed the "Bobbie Hopp Challenge" to honor Bobbie Hopp, who was president and played a large part of the creation of the event.


Course Played
Sally Bryson / Theresa Coyle
Oakland Golf Club
Mary Dickerson / Stephanie Krijan
Diana Carlson / Nancy Crownover
Donna Utecht / Sue Denton
Lynnette Sellon / Shelly Miratsky
Linda Cogley / Pegi Fortner
Sally Bryson / Theresa Coyle
Fremont Golf Club
Bev McKillip / Bev Guzinski
Barb Grandfield / Sherry Monson
Pam Draemel / Evelyn Perry
Christine Schulte / Connie Wiebusch
Nancy Crownover / Diana Carlson
Sally Bryson / Theresa Coyle
Fremont Golf Club
Bev McKillip / Bev Guzinski
Shelley Bauer / Rita Lammle
Diane Herbosheimer / Barb Reeves
Shelly Bartling / Dee Bang
Bettie Butt / Joyce Braun
Dana Kness / Pat Ourada
Norfolk Country Club
Bev Guzinski / Bev McKillip
Mary Duffy / Linda Fry
Michele Gill / Connie Gohl
Belinda Rude / Kathy Garrelts
Beckie Stec / Judy Hansen
Wildhorse Golf Club
Amy Bear / Mandi Sedlak
Susan Milner / Gina Heath
Kay Haman / Janie Gerhard
Sally Bryson / Theresa Coyle
Awarri Dunes Golf Club
Shelly Bauer / Rita Lammle
Nancy Vanicek / Jan Semin
Jean Armstrong / Sandy Janssen
Linda Hodges / Peggy Hinrichs
Tiburon Golf Course
Gina Heath / Susan Milner
Kathy Teshack / Jamie Casselman
Tracey Whitley / Pat Linson
Teresa Coyle / Sally Bryson
Firethorn Golf Club
Judy Hansen / Beckie Stec
Shelly Bauer / Rita Lammle
Amy Wiesler / Kinsey Bauer
Nancy Heiser / Nana Smith
Debbie Sandstedt /Judy Duffy
Kearney Country Club
Pat Connolly / Jo Baldwin
Carolyn Peterson / Judy Farber
Maggie Peters / Sophie Peters
Norfolk Country Club
Debbie Sandstedt / Judy Duffy
Maralyn Riznicek / Joy Carney




Click the link below for pairings.

2018 Bobbie Hopp Challenge Pairings



Click the link below to view flights.

2018 Bobbie Hopp Challenge Flights

Flight 1 - Mary Dickerson and Stephanie Krijan of Omaha

Flight 2 - Sarah Nordlund of Elkhorn and Pam Carmines of Omaha

Flight 3 - Nita Totten and Donna Utecht of Norfolk

Flight 4 - Sharon Hofmann and Denise Rogondino of Omaha

Flight 5 - Jeri Rowen and Judy Neemann of Lorton

Flight 6 - Pam Draemel of Elkhorn and Evelyn Perry of Fremont



Click the link below to view the scoring page.

2018 Bobbie Hopp Challenge Scoring.



The Bobbie Hopp Challenge is a two-person Four-Ball with five round-robin 9-hole matches. Flights of six teams will be predetermined based on 90% of handicaps. Points will be determined by the outcome of each match.

The tournament will consist of teams playing five, nine-hole matches which we call "races," which allows each team to play every team in their flight. Teams will receive a scorecard for each match and will play off the lowest Course Handicap in each respective match. For example, if team A's Course Handicaps are 15 and 18, and team B's Course Handicaps are 11 and 26, the lowest handicap is an 11. The 11 will play scratch, the 15 will receive 4 strokes, the 18 will get 7 strokes, and the 26 will get 15 strokes. The maximum Course Handicap is 36. 

If the tournament is not full and there are byes in a flight or flights, teams with a bye match may still play the course. If a team withdraws during the tournament, all points won in the matches they played are voided.

Each match is made up of 9 available points. A team gets one point for winning a hole, ½ a point if the hole is tied, and no points for losing a hole. The maximum number of points a team can win in any match is 6, and the minimum is 0. The team with the most points at the end of the five races wins their flight. If there are ties within a flight, the ties will be broken and the winner determined as follows: 

- by the results of their head to head match. 
- highest point total on day 1 (race 1, 2, and 3 combined)
- highest point total on day 2 (race 4 and 5 combined)
- most points in race 1
- most points in race 2
- most points in race 3
- most points in race 4
- most points in race 5
- if still tied, the winner will be decided by lot

Day 1 - 9 AM First nine-hole Four-Ball matches. Pairings will be as follows: 1v2, 3v4, 5v6
11:30 AM Second nine-hole Four-Ball matches. Pairings will be as follows: 1v3, 2v6, 4v5
2 PM Third nine-hole Four-Ball matches. Pairings will be as follows: 1v4, 2v5, 3v6

Day 2 -9 AM Fourth nine-hole Four-Ball matches. Pairings will be as follows: 1v5, 2v3, 4v6
11:30 AM nine-hole Four-Ball matches. Pairings will be as follows: 1v6, 2v4, 3v5