Course Rating

NWAGA assists the Nebraska Golf Association each year with Course Ratings. The Nebraska Golf Association provides its Course Rating service at no additional cost to every golf course in Nebraska that is affiliated with the Association through a regular member club or that maintains an Associate membership.

A Course Rating is a mathematical evaluation of the difficulty of a golf course from the perspective of a scratch golfer and then from the perspective of a bogey golfer. This evaluation process generates three important numbers, the Course Rating, the Bogey Rating, and the Slope Rating.

The process of course rating determines the "effective playing length" of the course, based on its measured length, the amount of roll, the course elevation, prevailing wind conditions, and altitude. The process also determines the "obstacle stroke value" based on 10 obstacle factors, including fairway width, green size, bunkers, out of bounds and water.

If you are interested in learning more about the USGA Course Rating System and becoming a course rating volunteer, please contact Justin Ahrens at the NGA office.