How do I become a member of NWAGA?


NWAGA membership may be obtained one of two ways. Visit the membership link on the top. On this page is a list of all member clubs with a NWAGA representative name and phone number. Please contact your representative directly to obtain a membership. If your club is a member club of NWAGA you can join as an unaffiliated member. Cost of membership is $15 for a new member. There is a membership form on the membership link that is a printable version and can be mailed to the NWAGA office with payment.For more information on becoming a member of NWAGA, contact the NWAGA office at (402) 505-4653 ext. 103.

Are there requirements to become a member of NWAGA?


Any woman, female at birth, (age 18 and over) who resides in Nebraska or belongs to a NWAGA member golf group, is eligible for membership.

What are the eligibility requirements to play in a NWAGA event?
  1. Players must be a current member of NWAGA, except for Qualified Juniors.
  2. Upon receipt of a Valid Entry, any Qualified Junior (defined as a member of the NJGA and with a Handicap index of 20.0 or less), may compete in NWAGA events.
  3. Each Player must have an activeHandicap Index. A Handicap Index must be issued from a "golf club" (as defined in the "USGA Handicap System Manual") which is licensed to use the USGA Handicap System. Nine-Hole handicaps will be doubled for 18-hole tournaments.
  4. All entrants must be members of the Association.

How do I establish a Handicap Index?


To obtain a Handicap Index a player must join a golf club and post adjusted gross scores. These scores are subject to peer review. After at least five scores have been posted, the club will be eligible to issue a Handicap Index to the player in accordance with the USGA Handicap System. If you live within 50 miles of our Omaha office you are eligible to become a member of an internet based club called eClub Omaha. Link here to become a member of eClub Omaha.

How do I sign up for a NWAGA event?


Click the tournaments link on the top to visit the desired NWAGA tournament website to register online. In order to register online you must have an active GHIN number. First time users will be asked to fill out a user profile. Make sure to select that you are a member of an NGA member club. Follow the examples to the right of the questions to insure the profile is created properly. Once your profile is created you may login using your GHIN number and password. You are now ready to register for an active NWAGA event. You will need your credit card information to enter a tournament