Fund Day Monday


Fund Day will be held at Champions Run in Omaha on Wednesday, September 20 and entries are now open. We are very fortunate to hold this event at one of the top golf courses in Nebraska.

Fund Day is a fundraiser for our Junior Programs, which includes a $1,000 scholarship to a female high school senior and sponsorship of five junior girls to attend the Four-State Team Championship.

Fund Day consists of a one-day event with a four-player team. The format is two best balls out of four stroke play event using 95% of the course handicap for each player, not to exceed 40.

Money Raised

Entry: $360 per four-person team which includes 18 holes (two best balls of four), range balls, flight prizes, sack lunch, and light snacks at the conclusion of play. Entry also includes two raffle tickets and automatic entry into the Mega Putt. $15 per player of each entry is a donation and each player will receive a receipt in that regard.

Entries open August 11 at 8 a.m. and closes August 30. Entry is online only. NOTE: This tournament is expected to fill quickly, so be sure to signup between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. CDT to be in the lottery if it does fill in that time.

The format is two best balls out of four stroke play event using 95% of the course handicap for each player, not to exceed 40.



Online Entry

Tournament Field: Tournament is limited to first 30 teams. Partners may be from different clubs.

Registration: Wednesday, September 20, 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Starting Times: Wednesday September 20, 10:00 a.m.

Entry Deadline: August 11-August 30

Cart Fee: Cart fee is included in entrance fee.

Questions: Contact NWAGA office 402-505-4653



The player memorandum is supplement to the NWAGA Local Rules and Conditions which is provided at all NWAGA events. In addition to the player memo and Local Rules, there will be a Notice to Players given to the participants prior to the starting time at each NWAGA tournament.

Memo (Coming Soon)

Hole SponsorshipsThis event is a great opporotunity for NWAGA members to help support both our juniors fund and the scholarship fund. One of the ways both members and non-members can support NWAGA is through hole sponsorship. Each hole sponsor is only $25, and can be placed in "memory of", in "honor of" or simply "just because". To sponsor a hole, contact the NWAGA office at 402-505-4653 ext. 103.



In Honor Of


Business Sponsorships


Please contact the NWAGA office at 402-505-4653 ext. 103 if you wish to be a business sponsor.








The FundDay Monday Event and Fundraiser is a one-day, four player team, two best balls of four stroke play event. 95% of handicap for each player is used, maximum of 40, per player's course rating.
In the event of ties, a scorecard playoff will take place, the team with the lowest two-ball score beginning with the number one handicapped hole and so on.
Day 1 - Two Best Balls of Four. 18-holes. Teams will be paired by team handicap index. If two-teams have identical handicaps, the participant with the lowest handicap will be given the lower hole pairing. There will be flights of approximately 8 teams, determined prior to competition based on team handicap. Each player will play their own ball from tee to green. At least two players have to hole out and write down a score on each hole. If more than two players hole out, the two best net scores should be recorded on the scorecard.