Four-Woman Scramble


The 2018 NWAGA Four-Woman Scramble was played at Riverside Golf Club in Grand Island and winners in four flights were crowned. The First Flight winners were also the Overall Champions, with the team of Sheryl Bosshamer of Riverdale, Trish Simonson of Kearney, Terri Meier and Kelly Foster of Elm Creek finishing with a 113.6 (-30.4) net total for the win. In the Second Flight, Judy Nabower and Vera Zabloudil of Hastings and Nanna Wieck and Annabet Foster of Grand Island took home the title. Peg Starman of Albion, Mary Duffy and Doretta Rowse of O'Neill and Linda Fry of Ewing won the Third Flight. In the Fourth Flight, Deb Walter, Becky Loop, Doris Friehe and Susie Townsley of McCook were the winners. Link to the Scoring tab above for full results.


Online Application

Eligibility: Entrant must be an Amateur Golfer with an active USGA Handicap Index® issued by a “member club” of the Nebraska Golf Association. Entrant must also be a member of NWAGA and a “resident” of Nebraska (See NWAGA Residency Criteria below).

NWAGA Residency Criteria:  An individual is considered to be a resident of Nebraska if they:

  1. Maintain either a primary or a secondary residence in Nebraska, or
  2. Are an active duty member of the United States Military stationed in Nebraska, or
  3. Are a student physically attending college in Nebraska within a time period four-months prior to the event, or
  4. Are a graduate of a Nebraska high school attending an out-of-state college.

If the above criteria are in question, the NWAGA Tournament Committee shall render any final decision.

Amateur Status: All players must conform to the USGA Rules of Amateur Status as specified in the USGA Rules of Golf.

Field Size: Field is limited to 36 four-person teams. Team members may be from different clubs. If more than 36 teams enter by 12 p.m. CDT on July 2, a lottery will determine the 36 teams that will play in the tournament.

Entry Fee: Entry fee of $480 must be paid by every team. Entry fee will be refunded regardless of reason if NWAGA is notified (402-505-4653, x103) before the close of entries. After the close of entries, fee will be refunded in the event of injury or illness, if requested no later than August 26. No refund for any reason after August 26. A $25 service charge will be deducted from all refunds.

Entry includes 36-holes of scramble competition; use of the practice facility; cart; prizes; a banquet dinner for all participants following Monday’s round and an awards luncheon Tuesday following play.

Entry Period: NWAGA only accepts on-line applications. Entries open at 8 a.m. C.D.T. on Monday, July 2, 2018. Entries must be received by NWAGA no later than 5 p.m. C.D.T. on Friday, August 17, 2018. Late applications are not acceptable and will be automatically rejected. (Entries by telephone, e-mail, or FAX not acceptable.) Time limit for entries means time of receipt at NWAGA (not time entry is sent or transmitted to NWAGA). Entries should be submitted early to allow ample time for delay or error in transmission. The risk of delay or error in transmission lies solely with the entrant and NWAGA will have no liability with respect to any such delay or error and the consequences therefrom, including rejection of the entry.

Starting Times: Monday, August 27 - 10 a.m. Shotgun; Tuesday, August 28 - 8:30 a.m..Shotgun.

Practice Rounds: Please call (308) 382-2648 to arrange a practice round at a time convenient to the club for a fee of $36 plus tax (cart is optional for $16.25 per person).

Make your reservation early due to the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island.
Best Western Plus, Grand Island - Double Queen ($117.99 plus tax - Reference "Nebraska Women's Golf") - (308) 381-8855

Contact: NWAGA office 402-505-4653



The Player Memo is available below and contains any information participants might need prior to the tournament. Also below is a draft of the Notice to Players, NWAGA Scramble Format and NWAGA's 2018 Local Rules and Conditions of Competition

Player Memorandum - 2018 NWAGA Four-Woman Scramble

Notice to Players - Riverside Golf Club (Draft)

NWAGA Scramble Format

NWAGA 2018 Local Rules and Conditions of Competitions


Scramble Rules

The Scramble Rules is supplement to the NWAGA Local Rules and Conditions which is provided at all NWAGA events.


Scramble Rules

HistoryThis event began in 1991 with the inaugural tournament being held at Ashland Country Club. A scramble has always been a beloved format of golf, which helped to quickly make this tournament popular.



Kearney, NE - Norfolk's Julie Hall, Valley's Lisa Mayer, Falls City's Dorothy Towle, and Kearney's Sally Bryson won the 2017 Four-Woman Scramble at Kearney Country Club. The champions shot a gross score of 64 (-4) during the final round to win with a net 114.2 (-29.8) total.
Full Results Pictured Right is Mayer, Bryson, Towle and Hall



Grand Island, NE - Riverside Golf Club was the host of the Four Woman Scramble tournament. Championship Flight,the team of Julie Hall Norfolk), Sally Bryson (Kearney), Belinda Rude (Kearney) and Theresa Coyle (Gothenburg) claimed first place.





Beatrice, NE - Beatrice Country Club was host to the 2015 Four-Woman Scramble held on August 31 and September 1. Thirty-six four person teams competed over two beatiful days of golf. Winning both net and gross portions of the event was the team of Sally Bryson, Belinda Rude, Teresa Coyle, and Julie Hall. Full Results Pictured Right is Bryson, Rude, Coyle, Hall.



York, NE - The second round of the 2014 Four-Woman Scramble at York Country Club was cancelled due to severe storms. The first day of competition however was beautiful! Winning both the Net and Gross Champion was the team of Pam Patterson, Kim Oerter, Michelle Kluver, and Molly Winge. They carded a gross 61 and a net 57.25. Other top contenders were the team of Peg Starman, Doretta Rowse, Linda Fry, and Rhonda Hoffman.



Gering, NE - The Scramble headed out west to Mounument Shadows Golf Course. 16 team competed on the breathtaking course. The team of Theresa Yung, Allyson Yung, Diana Johnson, and Connie Micek took a first day lead and edged out the team of Doretta Rowse, Linda Fry, Teri Hergert, and Rhonda Hoffman the second dat to capture thier first NWAGA Scramble title. Pictured Right is Micek, T. Yung, A. Yung, and Johnson.


Course Played
Julie Hall, Lisa Mayer, Dorothy Towle, Sally Bryson
Kearney Country Club
Sally Bryson, Belinda Rude, Teresa Coyle, Julie Hall
Riverside Golf Club
Sally Bryson, Belinda Rude, Teresa Coyle, Julie Hall
Beatrice Country Club
Pam Patterson, Kim Oerter,
Molly Winge, Michelle Kluver
York Country Club
Theresa Yung, Allyson Yung, Diana Johnson, Connie Micek
Monument Shadows Golf Course
Michelle Kluver, Kim Oerter, Pam Patterson, Heidi Stark
The Golf Club at Table Creek
Pat Linson, Tracey Whitley, Kim McIllece, Lisa Mayer
The Pines Country Club
Pat Linson, Tracey Whitley, Deanna Morehouse, Lisa Czerwinski
Kearney Country Club
Deb Denbeck, Nina Totten, Marsha Itkin, Felicia Hutnick
Platteview Country Club
Pam Patterson, Michelle Kluver, Sheryl Bosshamer, Terri Meier
Hillcrest Country Club
Pam Patterson, Michelle Kluver, Sheryl Bosshamer, Terri Meier
York Country Club
Heidi Stark, Laura Saf, Yvonne Davenport, Cathie Moeller
Fremont Country Club
Yvonne Davenport, Laura Saf, Cathie Moeller, Julie Olson
Heritage Hills Country Club
Yvonne Davenport, Laura Saf, Cathie Moeller, Heidi Stark
Beatrice Country Club
Jane Thompson, Cathie Moeller, Sherri Roundsberg, Suzy Kindscher
Kimball Country Club
Susie Roux, Amy Roux, Nancy Pflug, Pat Butzirus
Kearney Country Club
Dee Bang, Shelly Bartling, Theresa Wanek, Cathy Nelson
Yankee Hill Country Club
Amy Bear, Belida Rude, Peggy Catchpool, Sally Bryson
North Platte Country Club
Amy Bear, Belida Rude, Peggy Catchpool, Sally Bryson
York Country Club
Dottie Bowman, Bettelee Lewis, Lisa Poorman, and Nona Mullen
The Pines Country Club
Yvonne Davenport, Anne Gleim, Kathy Morrissey, Julie Olson
Hillcrest Country Club
Belinda Rude, Sally Bryson, Peggy Catchpool, Amy Bear
Kearney Country Club
Pat Ourada, Dana Kness, Linda Swan, Kim Oerter
Beatrice Country Club
Dottie Bowman, Bettelee Lewis, Lisa Poorman, Sally Bryson
Kearney Country Club
Nona Mullen, Delores Weimers, Georgia Schuman and Jo Smolczyk
Heritage Hills Golf Course
Nona Mullen, Delores Weimers, Georgia Schuman and Jo Smolczyk
Scottsbluff Country Club
Bobbie Wells, Loretta Ekwell, Kim Anderson and Gerri Masimore
Ashland Country Club




Current pairings are available at the link below.

2018 NWAGA Scramble Pairings




The scoring page is available below.

2018 NWAGA Scramble Scoring.



The Four-Woman Scramble is a 36-hole, team scramble competition

The event is played with 20% of the lowest handicap player, 15% of the second lowest handicap player, 10% third lowest handicap player, and 5% of the highest handicap player.

The format, in addition to the NWAGA Scramble rules, is as follows:
" All team members play from each teeing ground.
" One tee shot is then selected.
" The team member whose shot is selected does not play the next shot. The three-remaining team members play that shot. This procedure is followed until the ball is on the green.
" Once on the green, all members may putt. To speed up play, tap-in putts are allowed, and all teammates have the opportunity to try the original putt.
" Each team member must contribute a minimum of four drives.
" Through the green, a ball may be lifted and cleaned and placed within one club-length of where the ball originally lay, not nearer the hole, within the same playing condition.